Pokemon Go Beta

Do you want to play first Pokemon Go beta in the Real World? We proudly announced Pokemon Go, the latest and most anticipated video game in 2016. The game was developed by Niantic and published by The Pokemon Company. It all started from Google’s April Fools Day joke and the game came true into your mobile device.

Pokemon Go is available on mobile platforms for Android and iOS operating system. Windows does not confirm yet and we will keep you updated once rolled out! This is the biggest title lined up in Google Play and iTunes. Be the best Pokemon Trainer in the world! Catch all the Pokemons near you, train and trade them with other players around the world.
Pokemon Go Beta

Pokemon Go Beta Download

About Pokemon Go Beta

This game is gonna be awesome and be the first to play the game by signing up the Pokemon Beta version below. We are only accepting few and limited beta testers worldwide. This is the first augmented reality mobile game from Niantic to be played for Android and iOS device.

Genre: Action/Simulation
Franchise: Pokemon
Platform: Android and iOS

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